Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's Definitely A...Boy or Girl!

We had our 18 week ultrasound today and found out the baby is definitely a boy or girl!

Okay, well, maybe we actually knew that already, but I this is the ultrasound scan during which people usually find out the baby's gender :-) We, however, are not.  This is a rare plan these days--so rare, in fact, that in my OB/GYN's practice, which includes five doctors and hundreds of patients, there are only 3 or 4 other women electing not to find out the sex, according to the ultrasound technician.  We feel good about our choice, though, after debating for many weeks (and right up until we went into the ultrasound room!) and are excited about the great surprise we're going to get come May/June.

I started feeling the baby move very sporadically about two weeks ago, but because the first movements feels like odd little flutters or bubbles couldn't be 100% sure it was the baby.  That all changed just last night!  As I was trying to go to sleep, Baby T was apparently waking up!  This time I could tell that the flutters were definitely Baby and most likely kicks, as they were repetitive and in the same spot.  I felt Baby again after getting up to use the bathroom around 1:30/2:00 a.m. and he or she was wide awake--therefore, so was I for the next ten minutes or so!  It was so exciting, and I can't wait until Travis can feel the movements, too!

Baby T is weighing in at around 8 ounces and measures around 8 inches long!  Baby is really growing!

Baby Tyson at 18 weeks 5 days looking...pensive?
Little fist tucked under chin and thinking hard!

Today's ultrasound was the routine 18-20 week fetal development scan.  This is the time when they check that all is going and growing well, and our little one passed with flying colors.  The technician pointed out to us Baby's stomach, bladder, kidneys, heart (all four chambers), cerebellum, umbilical cord, nose, lips, toes, and fingers.  The only thing she kept quiet on was the sex.  We made sure as soon as we walked in to let her know we are waiting to find out the gender, and she recommended that when I check in for all future appointments that I remind the nurses so that no one slips up and spills the beans.  We got several pictures and had a DVD made of the 15+ minute scan.  There is a definite crotch shot in the video after the tech showed us how Baby had his/her legs stretched up over his/her head, but neither of us can tell the gender from the view.  Hmmmm....maybe that means girl, since there's nothing obvious to see?  Although, so far, all the people who have told me their guess based on the previous ultrasound photos think Baby is a boy. LOL. We shall see.

Anyway, below find Baby Tyson's 18 week photos and some video clips of today's scan...

Baby Tyson in profile...
 During the first half of the scan, Baby T had feet tucked up under the bottom.  The tech said we actually might've had a tough time if we had been trying to find out the baby's sex because of the positioning.  But then at the end of the scan, Baby T stretched those little legs up over his/her head!  Must be flexible like Mommy ;-) and it looks to me like Baby T has Daddy's gorgeous high arches--this would especially excellent if Baby is a girl!  Dancer feet!

Baby T folded in half!
And once those legs were all stretched out, we were able to see a perfect little footprint! 

Baby T's first footprint!

[In advance, I apologize for the video quality!  These videos are just cell phone uploads, because we don't have our DSL line to the new house yet, so I couldn't download a DVD ripping program.]

Below is a sectioned scan of Baby's was amazing how detailed the images were...The tech showed us each of the four heart chambers, each just fluttering away the entire time!

In this video, you can see how Baby T was positioned with legs stretched overhead at the end of the scan.  And at the end there you can see Baby as though he/she is sitting on a glass top table, so let us know what your gender guess is!

This clip shows Baby T just a kickin' away!  So that's what those funny little fluttering feelings are!? I can't wait until they are hard enough for Travis to feel, too!

And in the last video, you can see a little kick and then the ultrasound tech marking the place where the umbilical cord connects to Baby's belly!

So that's it!  Baby Tyson is looking good and right on track for a late May/early June arrival!  Hope everyone has a great end to the holiday season!
Happy New Year!

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