Monday, December 13, 2010

Yep! We're pregnant!

As my sisters-in-law have done before me, I am extending the Tyson line--of blogs.  Thus begins our blog to document the pregnancy, birth, and everything thereafter of our first baby!

The news went viral on Thanksgiving Day. 

We decided early (at 4 weeks) that we wanted to wait until 12 weeks to share the news.  We told my Mom at about 7 weeks when she visited for a weekend, because afterall a girl needs her mom and who else was going to answer all those pregnancy questions that aren't in the 18, 362 books I've read?  Thanksgiving seemed to be the perfect time to tell everyone else, especially as that would allow us to tell our parents in person.

The night before Thanksgiving, we gave my Dad a card saying, "We are looking forward to a great and delicious Turkey Day--all three of us! Love, Bah, Travis, and Baby."  He read the card, loved it, and started to put it back in the envelope.  I couldn't help myself, and said, "Are you sure you don't want to read it again?"  After scanning the card twice more, the message there finally sank it and the grinning started!

On Thanksgiving Day, Travis not-so-subtley gathered his family for a "family picture."  He had the camera set to video so that we could tape everyone's reactions (I'll post that video as soon as I have time and know-how), in leiu of saying "Cheese" suggested everyone say, "Brii's PREGNANT!"  The faces were great.  Emily and Eric immediately understood and got up to congratulate us.  Grandma and Grandad were waiting for the flash or camera click and continued to sit, grinning at the camera.  And in true Tyson fashion, Travis's Dad said, "Is this true?"  Serves Travis right for constantly teasing everyone.

We are so excited and even more excited that we can now share our anticipation and experience with everyone!  I promise to write more soon, but as many of you know, we are in the process of moving, I have a Christmas show Thursday, and Christmas is around the corner.

Here I think I will take a leaf out of Emily's book and pre-answer the inevitable questions:

  • Yes, we planned this pregnancy.
  • We found out just before the 4 week mark.
  • We are 16 weeks along and unless our due date changes in the future, we go up a week every Saturday.
  • I have had a healthy dose of morning sickness--I lost five pounds between 4 and 8 weeks and four more pounds over the week of Thanksgiving.  As of my 16 week appointment today, though, I have gained one of those pounds lost back...slippery slope...
  • From14-15 weeks my stomach went from flat to tiny little bump.
  • Yes, I will take belly pictures.
  • I am beginning to feel better as I move into the second trimester.  The sickness has been gone for days at a time, though the thought of lasagna still makes me queasy. 
  • And finally, the most asked question of all: no we do not know the sex and no we do not plan to find out.  Our ultrasound at the end of December (at almost 19 weeks) will give us the option, but we are 99.9% sure we want to leave it a surprise.  We realize (because people have already been giving us a hard time) that this is not the most common way to go anymore, but ya know, there are so few really good and positive surprises in life these days, and this is one of the best you could ever have!
Baby T's pictures so far:

Baby T at 8 weeks, first ultrasound. My friend Breeze said, "It has a rump!"

Baby T at 12 weeks, second ultrasound...I was amazed at what a huge changes occured over just 4 weeks!

Also 12 weeks...check out the little fingers in the top middle!

Brii Belly at 12 weeks (sorry for the picture quality--a great digital SLR is on the short list of "push presents!" ;-) Who needs jewelry?!)

Brii Belly at 15 weeks...
I can suck it mostly in if I try really, really hard and hold my breath for about a minute.


  1. We are SOOOO excited for y'all!!! Justin and I were getting ready the other morning and he looks at me and says, " Brii's going to be a mom in 5 months." :) :) :) YAY! I'll be following your blog!

  2. Woohoo!!!! It's about time the person with an actual degree in language-y stuff shares her writing with us. ;)

    Way beyond excited. (Both for the baby and the blog.)

  3. Very nice blog Brii and Travis.Look forward to the next update!


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