Wednesday, August 3, 2011

World Breastfeeding Week--Thank You For Breastfeeding!

It should be noted that this post is about breastfeeding, and as such the blog entry and photos below will discuss and show breasts and breastfeeding. If you find such things embarrassing or uncomfortable, this particular entry is not recommended reading for you.

Amanda over at the Kind Over Matter blog did a post this week in honor of World Breastfeeding Week, too.  She has created a set of free, printable "Thank You For Breastfeeding" cards that can be handed out to nursing mothers.  This is all about raising awareness of nursing benefits and acceptance of a mother's right to nurse her child in any public place.
Just right click on the .jpg and select Save Target As to download and print!
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  1. I saw these on one of the other blogs I read. :) I thought of you. I hope all is going well! Love you!


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