Friday, August 19, 2011

Avalee: A Photo Bomb

Really, Mom?!
More photos???
Now you woke me up!

(Pirate Baby)
Fourth of July with MoMo!

Smitten with Grandpa.

I don't know why people keep telling me she's such a serious baby!

Sleeping with Daddy.

"Talking" with Na-Na.

Baby feet!

First time in the pool.

Baby fingers! The only thing known to be better than baby toes.

The texture leaves a little something to be desired.
(Gnawing on Uncle Nathan.)

I'm getting kind of sleepy...

...think I'll take a nap...

...yes, this will do nicely.

Helping Mommy clean the house up, and loving our first back wrap!

Woooo! Nakie time!

Wooooo! More nakie time!

Baths. I'm for 'em.

Seriously, Mom. Enough with the pictures, alright?

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  1. These are all amazing! She has such great expressions!


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