Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Found an awesome blog...

So, lately I have begun to get a little nervous.

No, it's not what you think--giving birth does not scare me.  I am actually looking forward to the birthing process.  I'll have excellent support, and I truly feel that I've done everything one can do to prepare for a hithertofore unimaginable, unencountered, incomprehensible and unique situation.

I'm more nervous about whether or not I'll be a good parent.  After spending many, many years babysitting my brother A.P. and sister Sey Sey, and then getting to do the mom-thing, however briefly, of getting up during the night, etc. with Kai when he first entered our family and both of my parent were working full-time, I feel more realistically prepared than many first-timers are.  But I've also had people telling my my entire life what a good Mom I'd be one day.

That's a lot of pressure.

And speaking of pressure, Baby T seems to be doing well and right on schedule.  I'll be 37 weeks on Saturday, and therefore eligible to have my birth at The Birth Center!  Baby T is head-down and pretty low--I've had several people comment on my descending tummy LOL and the spot where Baby T used to be lodged in my ribs is pretty soft now.  I just need to survive my Vidalia Ballet recital on Saturday, and then Baby T is free to do whatever he or she wants :-)

Anyway, I stumbled across the most awesome website/blog/Tumblr-thingy today and thought I'd share. 

"Message With A Bottle" is a Tumblr kept by a stay at home dad and freelance writer who uses Post-It Notes to inject humor and sanity into his toddler-driven life.  He posts a picture each day of one of his Post-Its, and the link below is to a collection of his 50 most popular notes. Here's a sample, but please click the link and enjoy!

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