Friday, January 28, 2011

Baby Tyson is growing...

In the past few weeks, it has been brought to my attention that Baby Tyson is growing like you would not believe!  I'm not sure what tipped me off... could've been the fact that the button on my jeans are starting to cut off my circulation, or
...that my belly is causing my dance pants to slide down, or
...that one of my teenage dance students exclaimed, "You're belly is bigger just from last week!", or
...that one of the baby books says, "During weeks 20-23, your baby is growing, growing, growing. At the end of this month, he or she will weigh 10-12 ounces and measure nearly 10 inches long, about the the length of a large eggplant or papaya." (The Joy of Pregnancy by Tori Kropp), or
...that another book says, "By week 23, your uterus extends about 1.5 inches above your bellybutton!" (Your Pregnancy Week By Week, 6th ed. by Glade B. Curtis & Judith Schuler)

So, with that in mind, I thought it might be time for a little picture comparison showing Baby T's growth!

Just click on the picture for a larger view...

It's just amazing seeing and feeling all of the changes, and now that the morning sickness has passed, I officially LOVE being pregnant!

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